“Call it a ghost story...
Call it a mystery... This book is a chilling tale any way you describe it. The haunting scenes in the frozen landscape of a near abandoned mission site are absolutely riveting!”

 - Reader Comments

There was something under the ice at Steamboat Slough, something lost, buried in the frozen wreckage where the children feared to play.

For Daniel Edwards, returning to the old mission site near the Yukon where he taught school a decade past, the wreckage of an old steamboat becomes a focal point of terror and fear when he encounters an ancient entity storied in Eskimo myth and recurring throughout all human cultures in various forms since the dawn of recorded history.

In a mystery weaving the shifting imagery of a dream with modern psychology and ancient myth, Daniel struggles to solve the riddle of the old wreck and free himself from the haunting embrace of a nightmare older than history itself.

Based on a an ancient Eskimo myth, and a real time, and place in the frozen wilderness of Alaska, Dream Reaper has a universal almost archetypal quality about it, a strange alchemy of science, soul, mythology and erotic horror.



In Dream Reaper, John Schettler, the award winning author of Meridian, has created another compelling tale where the mystery spawned from the wreck of an old steamboat haunts the main character, darkening his dreams and confounding his waking hours with strange, lingering remnants.

As he struggles to interpret what is happening to him, Daniel becomes embroiled in a slowly developing murder investigation, and the borders between this world and the hidden realm of dreams and demons begin to break down.

Dream Reaper soon becomes a mystery thriller, charged with the primal power of mythology as sleep brings Daniel into contact with an ancient, archetypal force that has preyed upon sleepers throughout human history. An undercurrent of eroticism haunts these scenes as he struggles to understand what is happening to him, and solve the mystery of the old Steamboat--once named “The Reaper” -- where it sleeps in its frozen grave.

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“Love ghost stories? Need your horror fix for the night? This book will keep you awake--literally--because the action is about an ancient entity that has preyed on sleepers throughout all of human history...”