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The Stela...

“ Stirrings of unrest …Heed them not, or the mighty host flees before the enemy, and many will die. Plunder taken… the road becomes the path of Martyrs. For he who would be slain must live… The weave undone… A loose twine… where horses were brought to gather By the water. Hold them fast… those who drink the wind… lest they trample thy endeavor and the host is made to flee. For the unseen one that comes in the dusk shall unseat all....”

Translated from the stela unearthed at Rosetta

by R. H. Nordhausen

The harrowing mission of Kelly Ramer to the far off site of the lost Sphinx has ended in failure. A chance visit by a messenger discovers his intervention and the Assassin cult prevents the destruction of their hidden archive. But what has happened to Kelly?

Physicist Paul Dorland refuses to believe he has perished and has scoured the history for evidence of his survival, determined to bring his friend home. Yet the unseen enemy has planned yet another intervention on the Meridians of Time, a Grand Transformation that will re-write all of Western history from the 8th Century on, and soon the project team is launched on a desperate search to find the hidden clues, Pushpoints that will lever events as Time waits in a breathless suspension for the hammer to fall upon the Anvil of Fate.

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“... The Cryptic ending of Book III leads us seamlessly into this latest tour de force. The same riveting plot that has characterized past volumes in the trilogy carries us along with surprising twists and turns, as four remarkable people sleuth the shadowy corners of history to ferret out the hidden clues ...and the stakes could not be higher, for the doom of all Christendom, indeed Western history as we now know it, rests upon the Anvil of Fate... Lots more here for Meridian fans, with the promise of more to come in Volume V : Golem 7