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John Schettler

John Schettler has been writing and publishing professionally since 1980. A graduate of Loyola University with a degree in English Literature and Writing, John went on to teach in Language Arts before serving as Communications Director for a Volunteer Agency.

John met a long time business associate and friend, Jonathan Paul and together they founded the “Writing Shop” in 1991. Since that time John has managed a business focusing on professional writing, desktop publishing, and  web design services. He now works full time on his fiction writing, and has authored 18 novels.

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Novels by John Schettler

(Alternate History Naval Fiction)
Kirov II: Cauldron Of Fire
Kirov III: Pacific Storm
Kirov IV: Men Of War
Kirov V: 9 Days Falling
Kirov VI: Fallen Angels
Kirov VII: Devil’s Garden
Kirov VIII: Armageddon

Wild Zone
- (Dharman Series Book I)
Mother Heart - (Dharman Series Book II)

Taklamakan - (Silk Road Series Book I)
Khan Tengri - (Silk Road Series Book II)

Meridian - (Meridian Series Book I)
Nexus Point - (Meridian Series Book II)
Touchstone - (Meridian Series Book III)
Anvil Of Fate - (Meridian Series Book IV)
Golem 7 - (Meridian Series Book V)

Dream Reaper - (Mythic Mystery)

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