Series Briefing

Located on the Cyonid Spiral Arm, the Dharma System has ten planets orbiting a large Red Giant star of unusual magnitude. The Dharman Colony prospect ( Noted by the green arrow) was established on planet number six, with a Waystation (W) constructed just beyond the orbit of planet seven. As always, the stellar gate (G) for all shifted traffic to the system is located beyond planet ten.

A Military Adventure...

While corporate interests finance all of world colonization, the military is responsible for transport, engineering, facility security and general maintenance. An Army holding company is assigned to each colony site, immediately establishing a sterile “Safe Zone” for th e primary installation site. The 100 square kilometer zone is basically a barren killing field, ringed by sensitive sensors to detect the encroachment of any native life for that is potentially hostile. The Army holding company is equipped with an array of standard arms, mortars, chain guns, personal arms and several military hovercraft with both laser and chain gun mounts. And there is more...

Three Robotic Aids service the scientific team assigned to analyze all planetary life forms for categorization. Those found hostile to human endeavors are slated for eradication. The robots are all suitable for recon, and defense missions, particularly the 60 ton behemoth designated ELMO, a heavily armored beast laden with weapons like a main battle tank.

But something has gone wrong....


Wild Zone

Mother Heart



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