The Dharman Series novels (science fiction) by John Schettler were written in the early 90s and have been showcased on the web since 1996.  The first of this series, Wild Zone, is now available in trade paperback and both novels are in eBook formats for $4.99.

This section of the site will continue to present material on the series, which has a third novel being prepared for publication.

The briefing section will present the basic story elements and information on the setting and time frame of the story. The Characters section contains custom illustrations of all the major characters.  The story section will present a brief synopsis of book I, Wild Zone.

I hope you enjoy this preview.



Wild Zone
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Mother Heart
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Book I: Wild Zone

Quality Trade Paperback:
ISBN: 978-0-9713170-2-4
432 pages, 9 illustrations and 1 map

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Book II: Mother Heart

Sequel to Wild Zone:
ISBN: 978-0-9833542-4-6

Amazon Kindle: $4.99


The Dharman Series - By John Schettler -
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A shadow has fallen over earth’s latest and most promising colony prospect in the Dharma system. When a convulsive solar flux event disables communications with the Safe Zone, SS agent Lt. Timmothy Scott Ryan is rushed to the system on a Navy frigate to investigate. He soon becomes embroiled in a mystery that threatens the course of evolution itself as a virulent new organism has targeted mankind as a new host...  Only one man stands between the Safe Zone and the chaos of the Wild Zone, but he is not alone. Three amazing robots stand with him, built by the military for the sole purpose of defending the multi billion dollar installation on Dharma 6... and the fight is on!