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Book I: Taklamakan
The Land Of No Return

This is the revised digital edition comprising the author’s introduction and chapters 1-40 from the original print edition novel. It takes the story from its beginning, through Tando’s fateful Road Council, the interlude at the Inn at Taran, Tando’s encounter with the Tibetan army under Rana Tenpai, and it ends at the aftermath of the buran sandstorm that strikes Rana’s column and Drekk’s party on the road to Kara Kum.

Digital Edition
- 373 Pages
- 150,000 Words
- $4.99
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Book II: Khan Tengri:
The Lord Of The Sky

This is the new digital edition comprised of chapters 41-73 from the original print edition novel, and a special 7 chapter, 30,000 word addition to tie up all the loose ends of the original story and reveal the fate of the main characters. Years later, Jammu is grown and running message caravans to Khotan for Tando’s Trade Company. Tando receives three unexpected visitors while meditating in his Mo Gao cave sanctuary, and Jammu must come to terms with the consequences. The strange fate of Drekk and Chen Hu is also revealed.

Digital Edition
-393 Pages
- 175,000 Words
- $4.99
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 The special extended material, 7 new chapters, appears at the end of  Book II, Khan Tengri, and the story was divided into two volumes of 40 chapters each for this digital edition.