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S I L V E R   M E D A L  W I N N E R

Meridian was named the Silver Medal Winner in the prestigious ForeWord Magazine
“Book of the Year Contest”
(Category: Science Fiction-2002)

Dedicated to honoring excellence in independent publishing, ForeWord Magazine gathers a jury of professional librarians, booksellers, editors, reviewers and other industry professionals to review and judge the very best offerings from small and independent publishers. Read Full Press Release Here

It’s the eve of a grand experiment... the first ever attempt to travel in time! As the project team managers meet for their final briefing, their plans are rudely interrupted by the most startling news of the century. The most spectacular terrorist plot ever imagined  threatens to extinguish millions of lives! Now the project team members struggle to re-define their mission... to change the fateful Meridian of time and reverse the disaster that promises doom for the Western world. To do so they must find a single moment of insignificance in Time, a “Pushpoint” that can alter the course of all future history with a single nudge. But where?

Meridian...An intelligent, compelling, fast paced story that is impossible to put down!


More Praise for Meridian in the Writer’s Digest Book of the Year Competition!

Meridian Received “Honorable Mention,” (Category: Genre Fiction) in the the Writers Digest “2002 Book Of the Year” Competition for self-published / small press offerings.


“A striking cover and excellent production values make this a book one would pick off a rack. That would be a rewarding move, for Meridian is a science fiction novel combining history, quantum theory, and time travel in a highly intriguing manner.

The author has a firm grasp of concepts here, and his understanding of the potential danger of travel into the past is finely tuned.  The team of scientists involved in developing the Arch, their device for moving through time, is composed of interesting people who seem very real and compelling.

The plot is more than complex, yet he keeps it very clear to the reader.  The return through time of a man from the future comes at a point when a mega tsunami, caused by the collapse of a wall of a volcano in the Canary Islands, is on its way toward the U.S.  His enigmatic message that they alone can avert the disaster through returning to 1917 and changing a small detail in the career of T.E. Lawrence sets the team on a perilous course. The ending is both believable and satisfying, and the writing is top-notch.

This is a nine and a half on a scale of ten.  It should have been snapped up by a commercial publisher.”

 - Writer’s Digest

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