Fans of the award winning “Meridian” will be pleased to learn that an interesting project is now underway to extend the story into a series of novels that play out key incidents in a “Time War” that has been spawned by the new technology of the Arch.

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Each volume in the series will explore a key moment on the Time Meridian where the conflict between the Western World and the Muslim World took a vital turn. Connections will be made that show how today’s headlines had their root in a struggle that has been ongoing since well before the time of the Crusades, which is the subject of  the first sequel, Nexus Point.

When Paul and Robert attempt to recover the Ammonite fossil they discovered in Meridian, they find more than expected hidden in the Jordanian desert! Paul stumbles into something that leads the project team to knowledge of a “Time War” that has now begun in the wake of the Palma Incident. Hidden adversaries from the future are trying to find a way to reverse the success of the project team in Meridian!

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TOUCHSTONE, will follow and extend the story line of Nexus Point. When Nordhausen follows a “hunch” and launches a secret time jump mission on his own he stumbles into the heart of an operation being run by unknown adversaries from the future.

The incident has dramatic repercussions for Kelly Ramer, who’s place in the time line is now suddenly threatened.

The team members struggle to preserve Kelly’s life and learn how their enemies are operating against them. The result is a harrowing mission to Egypt during the time frame of Napoleon’s 1799 invasion to view the discovery of the famous Rosetta Stone, now strangely altered.

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 Author John Schettler recently released two more volumes in th epopular Meridian Series novels. Volume IV: Anvil of Fate explains the cryptic ending of Touchstone and continues the project team’s struggle to end the “Time War” that is now underway as a result of their research in the most intricate mission of the series.  Golem 7, the final volume of this opening quintet of linked novels, takes us to th ewild waters of th eNorth Atlantic in the hunt for th eGerman battleship Bismarck--with the promise of more to come!

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