Meridian series novels FAQs and In Depth Review

What is the Meridian series about?

The Meridian series is the story of the first ever attempt to travel in time by a research team operating out of the Berkley Lawrence Labs. Their mission to go back in time and visit an original showing of Shakespeare's the Tempest is interrupted by news of a great disaster on the island of Palma in the Canary Islands. The Cumbre Viejo Volcano has collapsed and generated an enormous tsunami that threatens to destroy the entire Eastern seaboard of the United States. When the team discovers this was no natural event, but was caused by the act of a terrorist, they determine that they must do something to prevent it from ever occurring. This basic premise launches a series of five amazing time travel novels each one involved in a separate campaign to reverse the effects caused by a “time war” being waged by unseen adversaries from the future.

Do I have to read each novel in the order they were written?

Begin with Meridian, the award-winning novel that captured Forward Magazine’s Silver Medal for “Science Fiction Book Of The Year” when it first came out. Of course the series is best read in order, but each novel is a stand-alone story that can be read on its own. The novels will refer to events that have occurred in prior volumes, but the author does a good job of presenting the back story in the event you want to jump right in to the middle of things. But after reading any one of these novels, you'll want to read them all, so have fun and start at the beginning.

What topics or historical periods do each of the five novels cover?

The first book, Meridian, takes us to the Jordanian desert during the first world war during the time of the fabled exploits of Lawrence of Arabia. Book II, Nexus Point, deals with the crucial conflict between the second and third Crusades when the lords of Outremer in Palestine face Saladin at the battle of the Horns of Hattin. It reveals the two key adversaries waging the time war from a distant future: the Assassin Cult and a group known only as The Order. In book 3, Touchstone, the project team learns that the Assassin Cult has attempted to destroy the famous Rosetta Stone so they can use the ancient Egyptian writing as a secret code to plot their operations through time. The project team must travel back to the time of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt to investigate the mystery and attempt to find a solution. Book IV, Anvil of Fate, deals with a major conflict between Christian and Muslim cultures in the early eighth century when Charles Martel faces down the invading Moorish armies at the famous Battle of Tours. The Assassin Cult has found a way to defeat Charles Martel and the implications are catastrophic for all of Western history and Christendom itself. Finally, book V, entitled Golem 7, takes us into the midst of the great naval saga during World War II that was the hunt for the battleship Bismarck.

Is there a more detailed review of the Meridian series available online?

Yes you can read a comprehensive review of the entire series here.

Is the Meridian series available in Kindle or other e-book formats?

Yes, you will find all five Meridian series novels in the Amazon Kindle store for $4.99 each. They are also on Barnes & Noble for Nook, and smashwords.com which distributes them in many other formats including ePub, Sony, Diesel, Apple and others.

Will there be more books in the Meridian series in the future?

The ending of book V has a very deep hook that suggests more novels are coming!

Are any of the Meridian series novels available in print form?

Only the first two books, Meridian, and Nexus Point, were published in trade paperback format. The author has since determined that it is more productive and profitable to release all future publications as e-books.

I like this author! Are there any other novels by John Schettler available in e-book format?

Yes! The author has just released an exciting naval saga with a bit of a time travel spin entitled Kirov. He has also published a two volume series called the Silk Road Series and featuring the novels Taklamakan, and Khan Tengri. He has also released two novels in what he calls the Dharman Series, both science fiction space operas set in the near future. The first of these is entitled Wild Zone, and was actually John's first, and some say his best, science fiction novel. The sequel is entitled Mother Heart, and a third book in this series entitled Devil’s Garden is presently in editorial review. Finally, the author has also written what he calls a mythic mystery tale entitled Steamboat Slough, a story based on his experience living in an Eskimo village in his early 20s.It’s a combination ghost story and mystery thriller steeped in ancient Eskimo mythology You can find info on all these novels in this site..


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