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A Grand Transformation...

Small things can sometimes produce great results. The weave of Time is fraught with loose threads, and pulling on one or another can have unexpected consequences. In Anvil of Fate, the consequences are absolute catastrophe for the course of all Western history from the 8th Century forward. The Assassin cult has conducted a complex three part mission aimed at preventing the rise of one of Christendom’s great Champions, Charles Martel, “The Hammer of God.”

The Islamic invasion of Europe in 732 is well underway, and the long raiding columns of Saracen horsemen have advanced unopposed since their victory earlier that summer against the stubbornly independent Duke of Aquitaine in the south of Gaul. Now they converge on the city of Tours, intent on adding to the considerable plunder that they have already taken by sacking the fabled Abbey of St. Martin...

It was here that history recorded the epic stand of Charles, the bastard son of Pippin, who had struggled to the position of Mayor of the Palace using his renowned military skills to unify the warring clans of Gaul. But someone has pulled on a thread in Time, and Charles no longer commands the Frankish army that marches to the defense of the city.

As the project team uncovers the history, they learn the stunning consequences of a defeat at Tours, a Grand Transformation that will see all of Europe overrun by the Moors in the 8th Century, the Fall of the Byzantines and the re-writing of all the Meridians of history from this point forward. Christendom  is expunged, Rome occupied. Instead of Columbus, a prominent Islamic explorer discovers the New World and it is colonized by the mighty Umyaad Caliphate, now the greatest empire the world has ever seen...

Yet as the desperate research develops, the project team discovers two other Pushpoints have been moved in the years prior to the decisive battle. Two murders, both occurring at the exact same place, yet separated in time by nine years, have a profound effect on the time line and flow of history as we know it. They are both connected to the struggle for power that will decide the fate of all history from that point forward. The race is on to discover the Outcomes and Consequences involved, and more to uncover the decisive lever that will decide the Battle of Tours.

Was Charles Martel truly the “Hammer” of God, or merely the Anvil of Fate, beaten upon by unseen movers in the stream of Time?


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