Paul Dorland - A physicist with an inkling for time theory. Dorland hypothesizes that the singularity at the heart of a black hole can be a gateway on time...and leads the project team that builds an Arch to make that journey possible.

Robert Nordhausen - A history professor at U.C. Berkeley and head of historical research for the project. Nordhausen’s perceptive intellect unravels the subtle clues that lead to the Arabian Desert in the year 1917, and a glimpse of one of history’s most enigmatic characters...Lawrence of Arabia

Kelly Ramer - The computer genius who can juggle complex algorithms in his head! Kelly is late for the final briefing on the eve of the project launch and arrives with shocking news. Can he hold the mission together and bring the travelers safely home? A special fate awaits him if he does...

Maeve Lindford - Head of Outcomes & Consequences, Maeve’s penchant for details, and her assertive personality set a watch on the Meridian of time to prevent contamination. Yet she is unprepared to accept the one consequence she fears most when the mission is launched to save the world?

Four people become four prime movers on the meridians of history with their remarkable breakthrough and discovery that time travel was not only possible, but also capable of altering the complex course of events.

Yet caution is the order of the day when the most casual stumple, or slip of the tongue, can wreak havoc on the meridians of future time.


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Time hides from all the book of fate... Unless... you can change things!  But the great events of history are ruled by inconsequential moments of chance, buried in flood of time.

The trick is knowing what to do...and when...

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