It’s a plot that makes the attack on the World Trade Center pale by comparison, an insignificant foreshock to the event that will truly change the world forever...

Ra’id Husan al Din, whose name means “Sword of the Faith” has struck a blow that threatens to unravel the fabric of modern life in the West. The consequences of this single act are so devastating, that the only hope is to somehow prevent it from ever occurring!

Yet, great things have small beginnings. The Meridian of history leads the researchers back to the year 1917, when the Arab revolt in the desert against the Ottoman Turks first awakened their aspirations for freedom. Lawrence of Arabia is planning a raid, and the researchers must somehow find a way of changing the results without contaminating the time line in the process.

It will lead them to a lonesome segment of the Hejaz rail line, and a train laden with the destiny of the modern world...

“Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change.”

Alfred Lord Tennyson: Locksley Hall


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