Nexus Point - Meridian Series - John Schettler
Nexus Point - John Schettler



It started innocently enough... if you can call an unpermitted dig site and the theft of one of the  most perfectly preserved Ammonite fossils ever discovered an innocent labor of love. Professor Robert Nordhausen drags his friend Paul Dorland along for the ride, and the two men end up marooned in the haunting canyon of Wadi Rumm near Akaba.

Named “Valley of the Moon” by the local Bedu tribals, Paul and Robert discover something quite unexpected as they delve into a hidden cave site, seeking refuge from the searing sun.

An errant stumble sends Paul on an adventure he could have never expected and he encounters a strange group of terrorists hiding in a remote outpost.

Meanwhile, Nordhausen seeks help from a band of wandering Arabs... until he discovers they are much more than simple tribesmen. Rasil, the messenger, as he calls himself, had an errand to run in Wadi Rumm... One that was destined to strike a fateful blow, just one small battle in a war that will span the ages of time. The Professor uncovers a hidden scroll that appears to be instructions destined for another time--in a  long forgotten language from the past.


Ammonite Fossil
Paul and Robert in the Desert
Wadi Rumm near the Well of Souls
Text from Rasil's scroll

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