“My God! After reading this book I will never go to sleep without thinking about what happened to Daniel...what might happen to me one day in those long, empty hours of the night!”

 - Reader Comments

The Story...

It was just a simple ghost story, or so Daniel believed. It was something to frighten the children and keep them away from the wreckage of the old steamboat where it jutted from the ice of the frozen river.

There was something under that ice... Something bad, something hungry, something cold. If ever it found you alone on the river, it was said, the demon would pull you under the ice and gnaw your bones the whole winter long.

But Daniel never believed in ghosts and demons... Until that night on the river when he bared his chest to the cold and dared it to reach for him. It was something he would come to regret, for the borders between this world and the next are thin in places, and Steamboat Slough was an open gate to forces older than history itself.

The Eskimos called it Paija, the she-demon that comes on the edge of a storm and hunts for the souls of men while they sleep. Yet Daniel soon learns that demons come in many guises, frightening and yet alluring in the primal aura of energies that are buried deep within the human psyche.

Was it only his mind playing tricks on him? Was it nothing more than his overactive imagination? The answer would come upon him in his sleep, while other demons hunted him in his waking hours. What were they--Myths, imagination, dreams, psychology, the dregs of a bad batch of home brew--or something far more sinister?

Image Credit: John Collier, Lilith. 1892. Oil on canvas (1887)

“One of those stories that stays with you in the back of your mind like a shadow for weeks after you finish it, and you have an odd sensation that, just by taking it in, you’ve put your name on some unseen list kept by the entity, and that one day it may just come calling!”