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The Unseen Hero...

History is a succession of lies agreed upon, said Napoleon. It is written by the victors, those who triumph in the stream of events and live on to write their version in the chronicles of their time.  But over 95% of everything that has ever happened remains unknown, unwritten, unsung, lost in the weave of the complex tapestry of Time.

Stunned to learn of a catastrophic reversal at the Battle of Tours, the project team must discover why and how events were changed, years before, at two crucial moments on the meridian. And more, one team member comes to suspect that the fabled hero of Tours is not the man history records as the champion of Christendom, Charles Martel.

Yet who was the unseen Prime Mover that truly decided the outcome of the battle? All of Time waits breathlessly for the answer, as history itself is forged upon the Anvil of Fate.

Struggling to restore the history as they know it, the project team must uncover and interpret the cryptic ancient text used by their enemies as a message to hidden operatives in the past. The words seem to have double, then triple meanings, as every tug on the loose threads of history leads to yet another Gordian knot.

Each team member contributes their unique skills, Paul Dorland, the Physicist interpreting strange occurrences and aberrations in the operation of the Arch, Kelly Ramer, whose programming genius enables a unique look at all possible outcomes of this fateful moment in Time, Maeve Linford, who finds a lifelong talent proves decisive to the team’s effort at making a successful intervention, and the irrepressible Professor Nordhausen, Chief Historian, who translates the ancient text and has an eleventh hour epiphany that upsets all that is known about the crucial struggle of arms that came to be called the Battle of Tours.

What do an unsung hero, an apple, and a wayward horse have to do with the fate of all Western history?


The Anvil Of Fate

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